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© Per Flensburg, 2002



This was supposed to be Gabbiche monte seen from Riccione

Oil platform, model Goldfinger

From the Swedish highlands

A mountian of oure crystal in the buest of oceans!

There's a hole in the buck.. eh, mountain!

There seems to be something in tha glassball!

In the evening it matures

A glasshouse for throwing stones in

Let there be light...

Once again: Let there be light!

Somewhere in the archipelago

A castel

Yes. it is the same! Annoying, isn't it!

When you have finished the first one, try this!

When I said "Light" I did not meant "traffic light"!

This is in the basement!

An alien town at an alien planet

Pretty much the same, but yet different!

Some holes that couldn't be used.

Sorrowful landscape for those who are mourning.