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@ Per Flensburg 2002



This is not a webb-portal

Higher than this is impossible!

A well known scenario

A disguised scenario

The same three swords, but on a cloudy day

This is out new education in medie technology! Unbelievable!

And this is our engeneering education!

The economy version of the diamond portal

I know as much as you do!

Glass exhibition continues!

Some cheap lamps and green glass and lots of time to render!

Not much life here...

Glass exhibition has moved to the sea

That yelloe thing is made of gold! I will never tell where it is!

The alien glass world!

Maybe the mountian has dived into the sea?

I made this for demonstration purpose. It took about 47 seconds.

The lamp in the alien glass world was turned red

Moonlight on a foreign world

I love holes!