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© Per Flensburg



Don't ask med what this is! Neither this one! But this is from the Kingdom of Glass! I would never dream about explaining this! Leftover from a baseball match in NHL?
A portal, but the what is in it? Not B2C at least! My daughter and I should make a sunset, but the mouse slipped... A lake at the highland visited b y Obelix! Another desert, but are there snow at the distant mountain?

This is for those who don't like sand between their toes!

This is for those who does!

The ladder of Jacob

This was supposed to be a Xmas card!

A heavy portal

The same, after the rain!

Two doors, the choice is yours!

Three stones in a stone at a secret place.

A temple, but I forgot the walls!

A red rock of glass hanging around

A portal of pure diamond, before it was stolen!