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© Per Flensburg



This is from Norway, I think

The baseboll season has just started

Rocky mountain, well at least rocky

A junkyard in the alien factory

Glass exhibition in the desert, no good business!

Three islands you recognise from other pictures

The necessary sunset, at least not over a sea

That thing in the foreground, can it be made of copper?

That tanker dumped it!

The same three islands, seen from the highest top.

Some strange aliens stones admiring themselves.

The same stones with their friends

Some sort of barrier to cross

Well-known islands, from another perspective and another texture

Not a very friendly place, but the grass is green!

At the beach, but where are the people?

The invasion of earth is close!

It is cold in the mountains!

Just a coast, somewhere.

This is Klondyke, just before the gold meteor hit the ground