TELNET: remote login

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A remote login facility permits a user who is using one
computer to interact with a program on another computer. The service extends the login concept used by conventional timesharing computer systems to permit access to a remote timesharing system.

Internet's remote login service is called TELNET. To use the service, one must invoke a local application program and specify a remote machine. The local program becomes a client, which forms a connection to a server on the remote computer. The client passes keystrokes and mouse movements to the remote machine, and displays output from the remote machine on the user's display screen.

Remote login is significant because it shows how the Internet can provide interactive services. Unlike other available services, remote login does not merely transfer static data. Instead, remote login permits a user to interact with a program that runs on a remote computer. The remote program can respond to input from the usre, and the user can respond to output the display program displays.

Submitted: Alexandros Zakas